Synesthesia or Sensory Integration Disorder?

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Synesthesia or Sensory Integration Disorder?

Can you hear in color? Do you hear numbers and see colors? Do you see an aura around people?

Many people with sensory differences are actually experiencing synesthesia.

You can read more about what is is on this Wiki page.

Your sensory system is located in your brain. Sometimes ‘wires are crossed’ and two senses can be experienced simultaneously. If you have this, it is ‘hard wired’ and is expected to change very little over time.

There are pros and cons to this.

Pro: you may see people and ‘read’ them by your sensory experience (aura); for some it provides them with exceptional memory

Con: sensory overload/shutdown, painful sensory experiences



I know many people with synesthesia, because it is quite common in the ASD community!