IEP / 504 / ADA: Special Education Advocacy & Accommodations


Do you understand the laws that protect people with cognitive/learning differences?

Do you have the right assessments needed to access services?

Do you know the right accommodations to request?

We can help!

Elementary & Grade School

In elementary and grade school, you want to be well versed on 504 & IDEA.

Most parents don’t know how or where to begin the process of support/accommodations at school. Parents are overwhelmed, scared, and nervous about approaching this system that is unfamiliar.Believe-in-Yourself-Be-You-2

We can help you:
  • Understand the difference between a 504 & IEP:
    • Here is an article to help you learn which you need, a 504 or IEP.
    • Here is a video to help you learn about the IEP process.
  • Understand your rights to a Free & Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  • Outline the specific accommodations needed
  • Understand your local and online resources for support
  • Identify and provide testing needed to apply for accommodations
Our goal is to teach advocacy for your unique brain style, so you can achieve your potential.


In college, graduate school and work, you want to be well versed on ADA and the amendments to it.

Each university has a different set of requirements to apply for accommodations. Most colleges require a ‘current’ psychological-educational assessment. This generally means an assessment within the last 3 years. To request accommodations the assessment needs to include a written description of how the scores negatively impact academics. Meaning, a diagnosis alone is usually not enough to access accommodations through disability services.

We are happy to review the requirements by the college/university you would like to attend, help you clarify what paperwork/assessments are needed, and complete any additional testing necessary. We are also happy to review past testing and complete paperwork from your current college to apply for disability services.

Legal Counsel

  • Our favorite website to help you understand your legal rights is Wright’s Law.
  • Diane Wiscarson is the premiere learning disability attorney in town, whom we work closely with as needed.