Billing Information



  • Dr. Cynthia Arnold:
    • 1st Session Cost: $300 base price (52 minutes)
    • Individual sessions:$225 (52 minutes)
    • Assessment: see below
  • Ms. Alison Craker, L.P.C:
    • 1st session Cost: $250 base price (52 minutes)
    • Individual sessions:$175 (52 minutes)
    • Assessment: see below
Please Note:
  • Cosigner: Young adults 18-21 are required to have a cosigner at the first meeting. If the young adult can not pay their bill, the co-signer will be held liable.
  • Private Payment / Co-Payment is due at the time of service. We ask that a Health Savings, Credit, or Debit card be put on file for expenses.
  • Reading Past Assessments/IEP: We highly encourage you to bring any previous documentation of learning/attention/school challenges. Please note that we will read these documents if you bring them and we will bill for our time based on our hourly rate. Reading these documents typically provides substantial insight, making our work more accurate and expedites progress.
  • Assessment prices:
    • Full Assessment: Assessment prices vary depending on the provider type, age of examinee, and amount of time needed to answer the diagnostic questions.
    • Screening Assessments: Your provider may choose to give you screening assessments to clarify mental health concerns.
  • Learning Disability Insurance Coverage: The learning disability portion of an assessment is not covered by any insurance company. This fee will be an out of pocket expense.



  • We are Out of Network for all insurance plans.
  • Our professional billing service will bill insurance for you.
  • Learning Disability portions of assessments are not billable to insurance.
  • ADHD assessments are usually billable to insurance.
We do not check your insurance benefits.
If you would like to call and check your own coverage, we encourage you to ask:
  1. Do I have mental health benefits?
  2. How many sessions are allowed per year? How many have I already used?
  3. Does my plan allow psychological assessment?
  4. What is my CoPay / CoInsurance for treatment? …for assessment?
  5. Does this require Preauthorization?
  6. What is my Deductible per calendar year?
  7. When does my calendar year begin and end?

Billing Department:

Our billing is completed by a private mental health billing firm. If you have any questions about payment, please call them directly. They are very kind, knowledgeable and helpful!

Mental Health Billing & Collections – P.O. Box 7177, Aloha, Oregon 97007