Organizational Skills Training

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 Available April 2016.

Organizational Skills Training

…a research supported intervention for ADHD.

  • Organizational skills training helps kids develop essential skills for organizing school materials, tracking assignments, and completing homework successfully.
  • It was created for kids with ADHD! It is also useful for students struggling with executive skills for other reasons (e.g., Autism, Anxiety).
  • It is optimized for grade school students. It is also useful for older students struggling with organization.Organizational Skills Training

Summary of Organizational Skills Training:

Drs. Abikoff and Gallagher created the Organizational Skills Training (OST) program—a 20-session, twice-weekly, clinic-based program, which focused on building organizational skills in four areas:

•  Tracking Assignments: Teaching students a system for consistently recording assignments and due dates in a specially designed planner.

•  Managing Materials: Providing students with methods for storing and organizing their papers and materials through the use of an accordion binder system, materials checklists included in their planner, systems for organizing their desks, and by developing prominently visible checklists for backpacks and other tools for material transfer, as well as other related strategies.

•  Time Management: Helping students become more aware of their use of time and how to plan ahead to structure their time effectively through the use of an afternoon scheduling component in their planners; helping students improve their time estimation skills and their awareness of how much time they need to complete tasks; teaching students to work efficiently by minimizing distractions in their work spaces.

•  Task Planning: Showing students how to break larger projects and goals into steps and create schedules for task completion through the use of task-planning pages in their planners.  (Excerpted from Abikoff, Gallagher, Rosenblatt)

Research on Organizational Skills Training