New Leaves Clinic is your holistic mental health resource in Hillsboro, Oregon.

We provide psychotherapy for children, teens, adults and couples. We provide testing and treatment for adults and children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges.  We’re not only doctors, but parents as well.  We teach scientific methods for dealing with all manner of behavior challenges.

Our adult clients are people like you, who may find themselves overrun by the trials of life. Sometimes adult anxiety, depression, Adult ADHD or relationship troubles seem insurmountable. GLBT clients find acceptance here, and gifted adults find solace in jousting with a like mind. You are not alone.

Our child clients are often weathering anxiety, divorce, learning differences, ASD, or ADHD… which leads them to feel scared and sad.  We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of Autism / Asperger’s, ADHD, Dyslexia , giftedness, and other learning differences.  Above all, we love “quirky kids” who present as mysteries to their caregivers.  We promote self-understanding and acceptance.

New Leaves Clinic was designed to help people realize their potential for growth and healing. We have deep respect for the rich diversity of human experience, including the full spectrum of age and ability. Central to our vision is the belief that people are best served using a multidisciplinary approach including family, community, spiritual and medical resources.

All people can benefit from quality consultation with others. As doctors of clinical psychology, with decades of combined experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide your family with a thorough perspective.

Fundamentally, we hold that each acorn holds the potential to become an oak tree. While our methods are based upon published research, our approach embodies a warm, genuine and holistic emphasis. Thus, our clients benefit from scientific advances as well as ancient traditions of wisdom and philosophical reflection.

Every person has unique strengths and limitations. Life is measured in seasons, and every autumn holds the promise of spring. As such, we firmly believe that everyone is capable of New Leaves.